Hughes Industries

A blog about the activities of Joel and Hughes Industries Ltd

Projects and Specialisms

So far Hughes Industries offers consulting. This is generally in the form of a temporary team member, available during office hours, 4 days a week.

In this time I might be:

  • talking through the organisation's problem-space;
  • articulating technical and organisational requirements;
  • documenting systems;
  • coaching team members;
  • writing code and building tools.
It is a broad remit. There's plenty of demand for this stuff and could continue indefinitely.

However, there are other options:
  • build and manage a product/products that is/are conceived, grown and tended by Hughes Industries;
  • take a more specific specialism;
  • do something less conventional.
The last option is appealing, it also seems like a good use of the "person" that is Hughes Industries.

There's no reason "other thing" can't be a combination of all the above, repackaged and wrapped in a story that avoids the status quo.

Areas that are being investigated:
  • audio on the web;
  • browser focused software, with the least possible cloud;
  • minimalism, complexity, requisite variety, systems thinking;
  • play, fun, expression, personality, truth and decency - particularly in the context of the software industry.

What kind of stuff will be posted here?

I've got a company (Hughes Industries Ltd), it's a person.

The point of having a person is to limit risk, to allow people to take risks with Limted Liability.

So in that spirit Hughes Industries is a vehicle for experiments in creativity. That creative exploration uses, but is not limited to, doing things with computers.

These posts will include ideas, sketches and notes. The results will be posted to places like:

The aim is also to start conversations and, hopefully, support real world interactions (like meeting up at places, with people and doing thing).

The aim is to post here multiple times each week.

Hello World

Just getting things set up, more to follow...