Hughes Industries

A blog about the activities of Joel and Hughes Industries Ltd

A Plan

Currently the vast majority (total) of Hughes Industries income comes from consulting on software projects. These projects have recently focused on the design and build of cloud based systems.

However, research and development efforts have been focused on the production and distribution of electronic media. Audio in particular. I'm interested in the creation and distribution of sound on the web.

In the coming weeks, an aim is to begin highlighting the results of this R&D work and to offer products and services related (but not limited) to audio and the web. This will include creating and distributing sounds, creating audio experiences in software and offering services that help others do the same.

Starting with the smallest possible unit, Hughes Industries will be giving away custom made sounds. Most of the posts here will include a wav file. Free to do with as you wish. There will be a spectrum of sounds (from field recorded crunch to synthesized donks) clean and simple for use in music, games, ring tones, whatever... As always: this is a working plan, it will change as it progresses.

To prove the point, here is another kick drum: