Hughes Industries

A blog about the activities of Joel and Hughes Industries Ltd

Projects and Specialisms

So far Hughes Industries offers consulting. This is generally in the form of a temporary team member, available during office hours, 4 days a week.

In this time I might be:

  • talking through the organisation's problem-space;
  • articulating technical and organisational requirements;
  • documenting systems;
  • coaching team members;
  • writing code and building tools.
It is a broad remit. There's plenty of demand for this stuff and could continue indefinitely.

However, there are other options:
  • build and manage a product/products that is/are conceived, grown and tended by Hughes Industries;
  • take a more specific specialism;
  • do something less conventional.
The last option is appealing, it also seems like a good use of the "person" that is Hughes Industries.

There's no reason "other thing" can't be a combination of all the above, repackaged and wrapped in a story that avoids the status quo.

Areas that are being investigated:
  • audio on the web;
  • browser focused software, with the least possible cloud;
  • minimalism, complexity, requisite variety, systems thinking;
  • play, fun, expression, personality, truth and decency - particularly in the context of the software industry.