Hughes Industries

A blog about the activities of Joel and Hughes Industries Ltd

The Business of Enjoyment

Hughes Industries Ltd is a business, a corporate entity, an artificial person.

I often took the primary goal of a company as the need to make a profit. If it's a person Hughes Industries will die if it doesn't make money. Money being a bit like food or oxygen.

Food and oxygen are essential to a human life but don't feel like the _whole_ point of it. The "point" of life seems to be subjective.

As the director of a company I can decide Hughes Industries' "point". I want it to stay alive and pay me a wage but more than that I want it to be fun. If Hughes Industries is "fun" then I'll have a good time being part of it. Others might too.

In regular employment I struggled to find an employer that really is "fun". A lot seems to depend on your definition. It's a subjective term but I also got the feeling that most of it was "enforced fun" and that you really have to lie to yourself a little bit about what you do for "fun".

I've worked with people who are genuinely hyped on their work, they are having fun. I wished that I was too. So Hughes Industries is a chance to create an environment/context and a definition for a specific flavour of fun.

It centres around some basic principles:

  • honesty;
  • minimalism;
  • steeze.

That's a working list, future posts aim to refine and expand on these ideas.