Hughes Industries

A blog about the activities of Joel and Hughes Industries Ltd

What Does Hughes Industries Do?

Hughes Industries does "information technology consultancy activities". Or, more specifically, makes (and helps others make) "electronic media and software".

The majority of consulting work takes the form of coaching, designing and building Internet based software systems. In most cases this is moving, or creating, applications that run "in the cloud". That's where the demand (and therefore: money) is.

So far, not very unusual or unique. Certainly not risky or unconventional.

A company needs income. This company uses the income (from the activities, above) to fund other projects. A core principal is to create/have "fun" and play. Some of the things that fit _my_ definition of "fun" are:
  • Rave Culture
  • Street/Skate Culture
  • Creativity with Web Technologies
An area of research that touches on these is digital audio. The last 3 years have included a lot of learning and research into creating sounds using various electronic tools and techniques.

That research and practice has come to a point where it can be used in some business experiments. Making things for others to interact with. Combining the social and communal aspects of "rave" using the web (with peer-to-peer tools like WebRTC and interactive sound in WebAudio). Whether this leads to specific consulting, building bespoke web-experiences and tools or products (learning materials or samples or instruments, or...) - is yet to be established.

Here's a heavy kick-drum (probaly best used in Drum'n'Bass), it's yours, you can have it: